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Specialist in Communications

Italspazio specialises in the design, development and support of hi-technology systems, products, solutions and services to meet the needs of the following business sectors: software & automation, defence communications, professional communications, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Disaster recovery.

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Our Services

Satellite News Gatering

The italspazio SNG Solution is designed to provide news broadcasters with reliable and cost-efficient satellite-based links. Italspazio SNG promises broadcasters to extend their LAN network into the news field and wherever fast delivery of live breaking news is key — with speeds of up to 5 Mbps for download and 4 Mbps for upload.

Provider Satellite Capacity

Italspazio is a provider of satellite capacity. Our team is in constant contact with the various operators, to enable its customers to make use of satellite bandwidth, ensuring transparency, availability and the best price. This allows the realization of live productions from any location. Our multilingual customer service offers 24/7 support. The continued demand from multimedia live content producers, led to the creation of the site http://www.satbooking.it, which enables the reservation of satellite capacity directly online.

Disaster recovery

Italspazio’s satellite solutions are critical tools that can be relied to provide high quality immediate communications services and aide in any search and rescue operation or disaster recovery effort. Regardless of the location or the state of the terrestrial communication infrastructure, Italspazio solutions offer unmatched flexibility and network availability. Satellite communication technologies facilitate contact between team members, makes it simple to set up a temporary operations base, and even allows you to track vehicles or other critical resources in real time. Many of these tasks can be simply accomplished with a single Italspazio’s solution.

VSAT Services

Italspazio provides satellite Internet connectivity services. Collaboration with different teleports allows a wide coverage and the ability to reach those countries whose infrastructure is underdeveloped. This also allows satellite coverage in rural areas where there are solar parks that need to constantly monitor the operation of the plant and to make video surveillance. The Network Operation Center is operative 24/7. A proactive automatic system, constantly monitors all the activities and the status of the networks. Every customers equest is handled in real time by our high skilled and trained engineers team, allowing to guarantee the shortest solving time.
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AM44 Yamal 402


  • "Italspazio S.r.l. provided us a Satellite Network System, used to interconnect 14 VHf terrestrial networks supplied to our Libian customer. The system fully compliant with specifications and requirements, has been succesfully tested at the permises of I&SI, also in the presence of a customer representative"

    Mr. Mauro Proia - Project Manager of Ingegneria & Software Industriale S.p.A

  • "Italspazio S.r.l. provide us several satellite ground stations for our end customer in Italy, and in foreign countries, and the Italspazio's systems are working correctly and meet the system specifications and requirement. The supplied services are NOC for Teleport service and VSAT systems; the supplied Antenna systems was Ku Band Antenna system for IPTV application."

    Mr. Nicola Baldo - C.E.O. of Space Dynamics GmbH

  • "Italspazio S.r.l. supply us satellite space capacity for our occasional use service in Africa and that we have always ascertained readiness, willingness and professionalism. Being extremely satisfied about the quality of the services and support till today provided. We actually recommend you Italspazio S.r.l. as reliable supplier and partner for your company."

    Mr. Rivolta Roberto - from Teleconsul S.r.l.

Our Team

  • CEO

    Paolo Vita

  • Technical Manager

    Francesca Vita

  • Quality Control Engineer

    Serena Nicosia

  • NOC Engineer

    Francesco Scarfia

  • Accounting

    Laura Vergone

  • Partner

    Paolo Pulvirenti

  • Partner

    Ugo Torrisi

  • Senior Advisor

    Giangrande Barresi

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